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The inventor of the cell phone is a fellow Android

March 12, 2010 | by Chris Smith


The inventor of the cell phone is a fellow Android

Martin Cooper, the undisputed inventor and king of the cell phone has been sporting one of the newest Android phones on the market, the Moto DROID. I want to say that it’s because he loves the idea of an open, free operating system, and the he is a Google Android fanboy at heart but it just comes down to him wanting to use and test the latest phones on the market.

Cooper did admit on C-SPAN that the reason he is carrying the DROID is that he wants to get some experience with the Android OS and “so far he has some favorable results.” I sort of wonder why he hasn’t taken the Nexus One plunge? I mean if he wants the latest/greatest Android Experience then he might want the latest/greatest Android phone. Then again he would have to change phones every other month to keep up.

I think that it’s cool that Cooper ditched his iPhone (er.. gave it to his grandson) to give Android a go. I think that we are starting to see a shift in device adoption with Android gaining steam fast. If Android is good enough for the inventor of the cell phone, it is definitely good enough for this geek.

Via [Gizmodo]