Sprint offering their 30 day “Sprint Free Guarantee” starting April 1

March 31, 2010 | by Chris Smith


Sprint offering their 30 day “Sprint Free Guarantee” starting April 1

Starting April 1 (no joke), Sprint is going to offer new customers a full 30 days to try out their devices and cell service in the US. Instead of paying the monthly fee that was incurred over the first 30 days of your service, Sprint is going to wave it if you are not happy with their service. All US carriers offer a “trial” 30 day (T Mobile is 20 day) period for new contracts, but starting tomorrow Sprint’s offer will be the most liberal.

Sprint will allow any new subscriber to return their device within 30 days and benefit from the following:

  • Refund monthly charges incurred as part of your service plan
  • Refund the activation fee
  • Refund the purchase price of your device
  • Waive the Early Termination Fee
  • Waive the restocking fee
  • Refund taxes and Sprint surcharges associated with the above charges

This of course doesn’t include anything that is over what your plan states (ie. extra minutes, extra text messages, etc), but basically everything that is included in you plan can be totally refunded.

This is an excellent play for Sprint. They are the number 4 carrier in the US and don’t have much to lose to offer a deal like this. This deal allows customers who want a cheaper plan the ability to try a new carrier with the smallest risk possible. In 30 days one can get a good grip on whether or not a cell carrier is is good enough. As long as Sprint’s service in the area is good, Sprint could definitely see some increase in their subscriber count. Hey, maybe this summer would be a good time to give Sprint a try.

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