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Slingbox Mobile: Coming soon for Android

March 18, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Slingbox Mobile: Coming soon for Android

We have seen bits and pieces about Sling Media getting ready to release an Android app, and the good news here is that launch seems to be getting a little closer to reality. Well, closer to reality based on in the past we heard rumors and now we have a mention on the Sling Media website. Sadly the mention is just a place where you can add your email to be notified when the app comes available.

“Be one of the first to know when SlingPlayer Mobile for Android becomes available in the US. Submit your email address below and we’ll keep you posted.”

Its a small step, but a nice one nonetheless. And just like a release date, the pricing for the app is still unannounced. Though, it is likely to follow suit with the other mobile platforms. In other words I would expect the Android app to come at $29.99.

Then once available, having the Android app combined with your Slingbox at home will let you watch live television as well as your DVR’d content from just about anywhere that you may be.

[UPDATE] It looks like a release timeframe has been narrowed down just a little, a release is expected “this summer.”

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