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[UPDATE] Shuffle is a free productivity app with GTD geeks in mind

March 3, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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[UPDATE] Shuffle is a free productivity app with GTD geeks in mind

If you are stressing out about work or school deadlines, can’t find time to finish things at home, and just feel like an overall, unproductive mess than you may be in need of some type of productivity system. Shuffle is a free productivity application that uses the “Getting Things Done” system made famous by David Allen. I won’t go into the details of Allen’s system as it is a little in-depth but we will look at what Shuffle brings to the table.

The application allows users to create projects, add tasks to the project, set up contexts where and when the tasks should be done, and determine what tasks are considered “next actions”. When you add a new task to the inbox you can give the task a description, define what project it is for, define the context, and then provide any details you may need to remember to get it done. You can also schedule the start and due date of the task.

Shuffle is reliant on understanding the idea of projects, assigning tasks to the projects, and then identifying and completing the tasks in certain contexts that you identify. If you are in need of just a simple task list, this may not be the app for you; something like Astrid or even RTM may be more appropriate. But if you are a project and task master that needs the full implementation of GTD on the go this may be just the app. Shuffle can also be synced with a Tracks installation or with the free service that is based on Tracks, GTDify.

Shuffle has been around for a while in the Market and has 4.38 out of 5 stars with 698 ratings. Most all of the reviews are extremely positive.

UPDATE: This article originally stated that there was no way to sync Shuffle to an online or desktop app. Rez has pointed out in the comments that Shuffle can be synced to the webapp GTDify which is based on Tracks 1.7. The article has been changed to reflect that.