Review: Door 6′s “Vacuum: The Global Competition”

March 6, 2010 | by Ed Clark

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Review: Door 6′s “Vacuum: The Global Competition”

Door 6, developers of “The Training Mission,” an Android game that finished in the TOP 20 games in ADC2, will soon have something new for Android gamers to try out. “Vacuum: The Global Competition” is scheduled for release on March 20, and offers more incentives for winning than your typical high score entry. Apparently, Door 6 will be offering “cash prizes” to the top scorer. No word yet on the amounts involved, but the competition begins on April 1. (Let’s hope this isn’t an April Fool’s joke.)

Gameplay is very simple: you navigate through a never ending 3D tunnel filled with deadly asteroids while picking up bonus “coins” and flying through scoring hoops. You move by tilting your phone forward, backward, left and right while controlling the throttle with a slider on the left side of the screen.  The first time I played the game, I left the throttle in low and barely scored anything. Big mistake. I think Door 6 should make the throttle start at 50%at minimum, and maybe even just leave it up all the way. It is in this mode that the game becomes truly exciting and challenging. Not only is the game much more fun at full blast, but you also score many more points as you go through each hoop.

At this point, I think the only thing missing from the game is some intense, fast-paced background music. Done well, it would really turn up the excitement level for Vacuum. And if you could shoot the asteroids as you flew through the tunnel, or even run across some bad guys on the way, the game might be even more fun…

Of course, since that I have only made it up to 30th place on the high score list so far, I might not need anything more challenging. (Pretty sad, since it’s not even released yet!) Just you wait though: when that cash prize gets announced, I’m dusting off my flying gloves. I’m sure many others will as well.