OtterBox Impact Series case for Sprint Hero (Accessory Reviews)

March 19, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


OtterBox Impact Series case for Sprint Hero (Accessory Reviews)

OtterBox makes great cell phone cases, but most of that work has been for Blackberry or iPhone devices. Why couldn’t they take a few moments to make a great Android cell phone case? When I stopped by the OtterBox booth at CES, there wasn’t a single Android product on display, though reps promised that new cases for Android would debut soon.

Those cases are available on several Android phones, and I was pleased to sample the OtterBox Impact Series on a Sprint Hero. The impact-resistant silicone protects the phone from scratches and padding helps minimize damage if the phone is dropped. The case provides a snug grip but still feels very smooth and comfortable, which is better than the stock cases I bought from a Sprint retail store. An added bonus to this comfort is that the Impact series includes a protective screen that fits to the phone easily.

The Impact Series retails for $19.95 on It is one of many options, including the tougher Commuter series that is more solid and costs $34.95. There are now OtterBox cases for the HTC Droid Eris, HTC Hero (Sprint/Cellular South version), Motorola Droid (Milestone), and myTouch.