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Nuance announce T9 Trace virtual keyboard for Android

March 24, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Nuance announce T9 Trace virtual keyboard for Android

Android users may soon have another option to consider when looking for a trace-style virtual keyboard. In the past we have seen Swype, however this latest player in the market is the T9 Trace app which is coming courtesy of Nuance Communcations.

For those unfamiliar, the trace keyboards allow you to do just that, trace your way through a word. And although I have yet to play with T9 Trace, I can say that once you get used to tracing (or swyping) your words, it feels strange to go back to hitting a ‘key’ for each letter. That said, you still have the option to hit each key, in other words the T9 Trace keyboard will allow for both entry methods.

According to the Nuance website and the press release;

“Touchscreen devices are experiencing explosive growth, but there is high consumer demand to make text entry easier on virtual keypads,” said Michael Thompson, senior vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile. “Nuance T9 Trace not only makes text input fast and easy by gliding your finger from one letter to another, but it also gives our partners an innovative way to differentiate their touchscreen phone portfolio.”

Other features of the Nuance T9 Trace app include “Sloppy-Type Correction,” next word prediction, word order preferencing, enhanced word completion, user added words, smart punctuation, bilingual support and more.

All in all this looks to be a good option for a virtual keyboard, unfortunately it does not seem to be available for download yet.

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