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New York Times app coming to Android?

March 26, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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New York Times app coming to Android?

The New York Times has a “Frequently Asked Questions About Android” page listed on their site, and based on that t looks like an Android app is in the works. Of course, that is speculation based in the fact that they have similar pages for other mobile platforms that currently have apps available.

Of course, the Android FAQ page lists nothing more than a notation of this being “a placeholder for a forthcoming FAQ page.” Hopefully forthcoming means soon. Otherwise we have little else in terms of details. Still, assuming we see the app come available, we would expect it would be a free to download and free to read kind of app. At least based on the fact that the other mobile apps can be downloaded and read for free.

Personally I find it a little strange that The New York Times has not yet released an app for Android. After all they have one on the iPhone as well as webOS. Wait, isn’t Android bigger than webOS?

Anyway, here is to hoping that the NYT comes to Android — sooner than later. Now for the possible downer, I am not sure when that Android FAQ page was launched. Still it is kind of nice to see that it is at least in their minds.

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