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Motorola moving three MOTOBLUR phones into Canada in 2010

March 3, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Motorola moving three MOTOBLUR phones into Canada in 2010

Motorola Canada confirmed three of its four Motorola products that currently sport MOTOBLUR – the Quench, DEXT, and Backflip – will be available on Canadian carriers in 2010. Motorola has yet to announce which phones will go to which carrier, but the company announced that MOTOBLUR will soon be available on “all major carriers.”

In Canada, “all major carriers” likely translates to Bell, Rogers, and TELUS. The press release is not clear if all carriers will have all MOTOBLUR phones or if each will get one. In the U.S., T-Mobile has the Quench (CLIQ XT), the DEXT (CLIQ), and the Backflip is carried by AT&T. This is a completely unreliable guess and should not be trusted whatsoever, but maybe the Backflip will go to Bell or TELUS since they match AT&T’s wireless spectrums?

All three MOTOBLUR phones have deep integration with social networking websites and outdated, custom versions of Android. Here’s the official description of each phone from Motorola.

MOTOROLA BACKFLIP™ — Backflip’s unique reverse flip design makes it easy to enjoy videos, music and photos, while its QWERTY keyboard allows you to blast through e-mails, texts, news feeds, social network messages and more. Navigate quickly and easily through menus and features with the new and unique BACKTRACK™ feature. BACKTRACK is a touch panel located on the opposite side of the device, offering you a new way to scroll through the web, texts, e-mails and news feeds without obscuring the home screen.


MOTOROLA DEXT™ — Flick through your latest updates and fire back a response on DEXT’s slide-out QWERTY keyboard – no apps to open and no menus to dig through, just instant social gratification. Snap photos with DEXT’s 5 megapixel camera with autofocus; upload photos simply to your favorite photo sharing or social sites; and make and take clear calls even in noisy environments with dual microphones and noise cancellation technology.


MOTOROLA QUENCH™ — This sleek, customizable touch tablet fits nicely in a palm or pocket. QUENCH’s easy-to-use touch pad and enhanced browser bring to life content rich web sites (busy banners, full videos) that many of today’s phones can’t handle. And with pinch and zoom capabilities, it’s easy to enlarge and enjoy all this great content.