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Make your ROOTED Android phone even faster with SetCPU (App Reviews)

March 4, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Make your ROOTED Android phone even faster with SetCPU (App Reviews)

Rooting an Android phone can lead to a never-ending quest to improve your phone and push each device to its limits. One such benefit from root access is the ability to overclock your phone. Overclocking is a tool that increases the speed at which your phone’s processor can operate. The G1 comes with a 528 MHz, but it’s purposely held back from reaching top speed (this increases battery life).

SetCPU is an app that makes it possible to push the G1, and most other Android phones that have root access, closer to its limitations. The app allows users to create profiles that can change the maximum MHz a processor will try to reach. Though this can affect battery life, the beauty of CPU is that it can create profiles that trigger different settings. That means you can reset to the default settings if your battery level dips below 50 percent. Note: You’re also free to set a max speed lower than the default as a way to extend battery life. Only do this if you have no worries about processing speed.

As always when mentioning root, I must note that SetCPU could affect your phone’s stability. Users should always be cautioned that root activities could potentially have a negative effect on their phone. If your phone suddenly begins to stall, restart by pulling the battery out. You use this app at your own peril.

SetCPU is available in the Android Market for $0.99 USD.