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Is the Motorola Backflip a big flop?

March 8, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Is the Motorola Backflip a big flop?

I am disappointed in the Motorola Backflip, which went on sale yesterday at AT&T. I went to my nearest AT&T retailer yesterday and the device wasn’t even on display. I went back again today for some more hands-on time and I feel confident in saying that this is the worst Android phone in the U.S.

That’s a bold claim, but I’m not basing that strictly on my brief handling of the awkward device running outdated software. What really makes me call this the worst phone out are the tidbits pulled from an XDA forum member who purchased the Backflip:

* The Backflip has 1.5, something we already knew but is worth noting because it’s a new phone running outdated software. We don’t even know when it will get upgraded to 2.1.

* The Backflip is full of crapware (aka bloatware) that includes pre-loaded apps that cannot be uninstalled. It also uses Yahoo! search rather than Google, which the overwhelming majority of users have deemed a superior search engine. Being unable to delete preloaded apps limits how much space is available for installing the stuff people actually want.

* You cannot install apps from untrusted sources? I wasn’t able to validate this claim just yet so I’ll reserve judgment on that front, but if true…wow. Don’t even think about installing beta apps, backups, or apps downloaded from alternative markets. Why would AT&T go out of its way to stifle this feature is beyond me (don’t waste time with the security argument).

AT&T head Ralph de la Vega questioned whether Android was ready for being carried by AT&T. If these claims are true, then I’d say it’s more accurate that AT&T isn’t ready for Android.

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