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Is Blockbuster on-demand video coming to Android?

March 25, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Is Blockbuster on-demand video coming to Android?

Blockbuster is in dire straits. The company is $1 billion in debt, and competition from Netflix and Redbox has eaten away at their business model. Blockbuster was even desperate enough to invest in an on-demand service for the HTC HD2 Windows Mobile phone, and the same product could be coming to Android soon.

A CNN Money article on Blockbuster’s troubles states that “the new service is also expected to be available on Android and Windows Mobile phones soon.” Of course, the HD2 is a Windows Mobile phone, so I’m wondering if the writer neglected to add the word “other” or if he’s mistaken (I’d wager he just forgot a word).

The HD2 is a media device powerful enough to run Blockbuster’s on-demand service. Users can browse Blockbuster’s library of movies and then watch the film in strong quality on a fast device with a 4-inch screen. With large touchscreen devices like the EVO 4G or XPERIA X10 likely to provide a similar experience, it makes sense for Blockbuster to work on Android app. This would be especially useful on tablets, as well.

Of course, they could still be in trouble if Netflix or Amazon release Android-friendly versions of their on-demand services.

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