HTC Sense UI ported to Moto DROID

March 1, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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HTC Sense UI ported to Moto DROID

It appears that HTC Sense UI has been ported from the HTC Desire/Bravo to be used on Motorola’s DROID. The developers at AllDroid have been working on the port ever since the HTC Desire/Bravo’s ROM leaked to the web and now it looks like they finally have something to show off.

According to the forum it appears that phone calls (outgoing only), data, texting, browsing all work with limited force closes. Another thing to note is that because of the newest version of Android, flash works although it is extremely slow at the moment. The ability to overclock the processor is there too, but one forum member says that it still is buggy and can cause the device to lock up. So, this is of course an extreme alpha release with many more tweaks and fixes coming down the pipeline.

It will be interesting to see where this ROM goes and if it will be stable enough for “ordinary citizen” use in the coming weeks. I think that it would be nice to run HTC Sense on the DROID. Sense really does add the extra touches to Android that are missing in the user interface.

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