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Google mobile services disrupted or blocked in China

March 29, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Google mobile services disrupted or blocked in China

According to Google’s own “Mainland China service ability” site, China has partially blocked Google’s mobile services. This is of course connected to the falling out of Google and China over the past few months. The Los Angeles Times points out that this “block” of Google services could have caused a disruption in any or all of the Google Mobile services. This could be a terrible thing for fellow Chinese Androids; if they are using a Vanilla Android device the lack of Google services makes the phone severely crippled.

With such a large market in China it is a wonder if Google will actually pull out of the mobile market entirely. I don’t think that it makes a lot of sense for Google to support the stay of Android in China. China Unicom, China’s larget cell provider, has made it clear that they will not allow Google Search on any of their Android handsets. With no Google Search and Services Google makes little money. The only way that I could see Google’s support of Android in China would be the benefit of Google mind-share which would not matter much when most or all of their services are blocked by the Chinese goverment.

Looking at this status page doesn’t give us much in which services have been block or even how long services were blocked. It does let us know that Google is inevitably being pushed further and further out of China and more and more services will continued to be blocked.

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