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Get more done with ‘Got To Do’, a freemium productivity application

March 20, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Get more done with ‘Got To Do’, a freemium productivity application

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about an application that uses David Allen’s methodology of “Getting Things Done”, Shuffle. Last night I found a new application that is based around this methodology and has some important features that set’s it apart from the other to-do list applications in the Market.

Got To Do is a free productivity app (paid version supports indented subtasks) that is highly customizable, searchable, and syncs with the very popular Toodledo. Got To Do supports Toodledo folders, contexts, starred actions, waiting on, due dates, repeat dates, and pretty much everything else. This application is probably the best GTD app that is available on the market.

More features include:

  • Being able to add subtasks to tasks (premium version only).
  • Setting due dates, repeat dates, and the time due.
  • Completing and “uncompleting” actions.
  • Being able to filter practically any list.
  • Set and view waiting on actions, active actions, planning actions, etc.
  • Feature to add a note to a task.

There are a ton of features included that I am missing in this list as well.

A couple of things that would make this app even better are very small things, such as long press on a task and have a menu of different settings come up such as “star this item”, “change context to”, etc. Allowing this would take away one of the steps from changing common settings on an action.

If you can’t tell, I am totally excited about this app and am glad that something this powerful has finally come to the Market.


[Free Version]

[Paid Version]