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Get a beta invite to the new Android tethering app, Tether

March 10, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Get a beta invite to the new Android tethering app, Tether

Tether, originally a Blackberry data tethering app, has been released as a beta invite for Android. This app allows users to tether their Android phones to their Macs or PCs and use their data package to jump online.

Tethering applications for Android have had their history of being pulled from the Market as well as somehow staying around for the long haul. I have a feeling that once this application is released to the Market (if it even gets there) will be pulled by the cell carriers via Google mostly because of the obvious name.

According to Tether this app will allow Android users to tether their phone with no extra fees, other than the possible cost of the app. It will allow “fast speeds” that will be dictated by the speed of your carrier and will also work on all the carriers. The Blackberry version is PC and Mac compatible, so I’ll assume that the same is true for the Android version.

Tether may be a great alternative to purchasing the data sharing capabilities from your carrier I am not sure however if it will make it to the Market let alone stay there for very long. If you want to sign up for the pre-release beta check out the form here.

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