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doubleTwist adds podcast support and new syncing options

March 11, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


doubleTwist adds podcast support and new syncing options

There’s a long list of people who dislike iTunes for its bloat and annoying features (present company included), but it remains a must for syncing media devices. doubleTwist has proven to be a viable alternative for many, but the sync with just about anything client has missed out on some key features present in iTunes.

The latest version of doubleTwist adds one major feature previously missing – podcasts. doubleTwist users can now subscribe to their favorite podcasts, search for new shows they’ve yet to discover, and then sync those podcasts to their Android devices. The company even added a long FAQ explaining what podcasts are and how to manage them.

doubleTwist also added the following features:

  • Various bug fixes, including one for library sorting (sort by track number repaired)
  • id3 tag discovery (the full tag editor is still in development but this does a better job of display tag data)
  • Support for networked drives (can sync files stored on a network)
  • Status/progress notification (now lets users know how far along is a sync, scan, or import action)
  • Library reload options (ability to reload iTunes or Windows Media Player playlist. doubleTwist also no longer scans for iTunes if changes haven’t been made.)

[doubleTwist] via AndroidCentral