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Application Where gets relevant with its own local ad network

March 9, 2010 | by Chris Smith


Application Where gets relevant with its own local ad network

Mobile advertisements can seem odd and out of context on most ad supported applications. That is why being able to target advertisements to customers when and where they need them is so important. uLocate, the comapany that created Where a location-based search and recommendation app, announced that they are starting their own “hyper-local” advertising network called Where Ads. This network will bring relevant ads to consumers based on their location and context.

Instead of serving up generic advertisements, Where will use Where Ads which will aggregate advertistments from partners like Quattro Wireless and others. These ads will be for local services or business. The idea is to catch the consumer “closer-to-home” instead of serving ads that are not relevant that way they will be more inclined to purchase services, food, or goods. According to GigaOM, when Where launched “these new ads, the company saw clickthroughs almost triple”.

It does make sense that eventually all mobile application will use some other form of targeting when it comes to advertising. Displaying ads that have no relevance to a consumer is practically wasting the company’s little marketing budget. Making ads more relevant by using search history, location, preferences, etc. will increase the effectiveness of businesses ads as well as provide consumers with the services they need.

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