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Android News of the Week (March 26, 2010)

March 26, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android News

Android News of the Week (March 26, 2010)

In an attempt to make you aware of some stories you may have missed during the week, will post a weekly wrap-up of interesting news and items that didn’t make it onto our site as full posts. Here’s the first edition of what’s going on in the Android World. Click on the source link to gain more information about each story.

Android goes from tortoise to hare

There are a lot of Android stats going around these days. Not did we see the infographic of the Nexus One vs. iPhone, we also saw AdMob’s survey showing that the interest in Android development is up. Now we have word from AdMob that Android is growing — fast. AdMob’s monthly traffic report shows that Android in February 2010 accounted for 24% of traffic requests for its network. That’s up from 2% in February 2009. See more of Android’s inevitable march at AdMob’s blog. – AdMob

Brand new devices take over CTIA

There were a lot of devices announced this week thanks to CTIA. Android stole the biggest headlines of the week, evidenced by the monstrous excitement surrounding the HTC EVO 4G. There was also the Samsung Galaxy S, which was the reigning king for all of 2 hours. The device has become more appealing today after it was discovered the Galaxy S will have the best graphics processor around. Also announced this week:

Kyocera Zio M600

Motorola i1 push-to-talk phone

AT&T Dell Aero phone

Steve Jobs & Eric Schmidt reunite over that other java

Two rich guys met to overpay for their coffee. Shocking, I know. Gizmodo got a snap of Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Google’s Eric Schmidt. The two supposedly said “Let’s go discuss this somewhere private,” when the tipster snapped a photo. Will Google and Apple start playing nice again or is this just a case of two old friends getting back together? – Gizmodo

______________ is coming to Android

Pick a product, any product, and it’s probably coming to Android soon. This week was full of companies announcing that they’d be coming to Android or showing of its features. Blockbuster, Dropbox, Mint, and New York Times were the biggest names in the bunch. We also saw suggestions that Twitter is developing its own Android application. There’s an official app for BlackBerry, so an Android version seems like a possibility. They’ll have plenty of competition from the apps in our recent Twitter App comparison chart and review.

Nexus One screen criticized again

I’m a little fatigued about this whole discussion, but the Nexus One has been under fire for its screen issues. You’re probably thinking, “I have a Nexus One and the screen looks just fine.” You’re 100% correct, but did you really expect geeks not to nitpick and scientific about proving the level of awesomeness that the Nexus can claim? Read more at Ars Technica.

Developers should fund their apps with Kickstart

It’s hard to make money through developing an app, but there is one way to ease the beginning stages financially – kick start your app. AndroidGuys’ Mark Murphy has a great post suggesting that developers use KickStart as a way to get community-based funding. This is a great idea to help people who may not be able to dedicate too much time to app development because of financial reasons. – AndroidGuys