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Android News of the Week (March 19, 2010)

March 19, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android News

Android News of the Week (March 19, 2010)

In an attempt to make you aware of some stories you may have missed during the week, will post a weekly wrap-up of interesting Android news and items that didn’t make it onto our site as full posts. Here’s the first edition of what’s going on in the Android World. Click on the source link to gain more information about each story.

Sprint will ANNOUNCE update plans for Hero/Moment next month

Sprint and HTC have already confirmed that the Hero and Samsung Moment will get Android 2.1 in the first half of the year. We’re already halfway through the first half of the year, which means we’re halfway there! AndroidCentral got hold of an internal message from Sprint saying employees can tell customers to expect an announcement on their update plans next month. That does not mean an update is coming then, but they will narrow the window of expectation. – AndroidCentral

Palm totally could have crushed the Droid

I have a lot of respect for Palm’s ability to throw everything to the wind and create a great operating system in webOS. It’s too bad the company’s performing poorly, but CEO Jon Rubinstein believes the company would have done better had they arrived before the Droid. Rubinstein believes that had the Palm Pre/Pixi Plus arrived on Verizon sooner, Droid owners might have a webOS device instead of Android. Uh, yeah…good luck with that one. - Computerworld

HTC Supersonic coming next week?

The HTC Supersonic seems poised to be announced next week. We’ve suggested that for a while now and the Wall Street Journal speculated the same. Yesterday, the Supersonic popped up in an internal warehouse listing. Tuesday should be a good day. – AndroidGuys

Google TV? Yes please.

There’s talk that Google, Sony, and Intel have teamed up to build a line of TV’s and set-top boxes to bring web content to your living room. Google would leverage its search to bring YouTube and other video content through a Chrome-style browser. Hulu is even a possibility, but nothing has been confirmed about GooTV (that’s not a real name, just what I will call it). – Washington Post

Google loses trademark on “Nexus One” name

Yeah, that’s about all there is to say on the matter. This is one of those cases where the headline tells the whole story. Check the source for more info –

HTC says they’ve been innovative for years, so back off Apple

HTC reiterating its commitment to fight Apple’s patent suit. The Taiwanese manufacturer released a statement this week saying they have been innovative since the company launched 10 years ago. It’s basically a rundown of HTC’s many first, showing that they are a company about improving smartphones. – HTC Source

HTC Desire also coming in Silver

Again, the headline tells the whole story. Check the source for more photos. – HTC Source