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Android apps don’t make money…except for one that’s bringing in $13k a month

March 2, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Android apps don’t make money…except for one that’s bringing in $13k a month

The Android Market has a negative reputation for providing economic rewards, but one developer has found a way to secure a few bucks – $13,000 a month.

Edward Kim created Car Locator as a side project while vacationing with family. His app records and navigates back to GPS location of a car, and originally earned about $20 a day. Kim was excited about those “few extra bucks for lunch money every day,” which began to increase once he placed third in the ADC2. The resulting popularity has helped push Car Locator to nearly 7,000 paid downloads at $3.99 a pop.

Kim says that being a featured app on the Android Market has led to an average of $13,000 a month. Add the $25,000 he received for placing third in the ADC2 and Kim has already earned more than $50,000 for some coding and testing during his off-work hours.


“Clearly, I’m on cloud 9 with these numbers, but where does it go from here? Sales of about $13k/month is awesome income for any one person, so it may sound ridiculous for me to think it can go even higher. However, I still think that Android is only a fraction of what it will eventually become. Each release of a new Android handset gets me excited, as it means a wider reach for the Marketplace.”

Here are some other stats provided by Kim

  • The application was netting an average of about $80-$100/day, until it became a featured app on the Marketplace. Since then, sales have been phenomenal, netting an average of $435/day, with a one day record of $772 on Valentine’s Day. Too bad I didn’t have a Valentines date this year — we would’ve gone somewhere real special!
  • There appears to be clear peaks on the weekends and during holidays. This was always my hunch, but I think I can finally say this with certainty since the signal-to-noise ratio is much better now.
  • Some may be quick to point out that a featured Android application is only able to net $400/day, while top iPhone apps make thousands. But the Android market appears to rotate applications in and out of the featured apps list in some pseudo-random fashion. Every time I open the Marketplace app, the featured list is different and most of the time, I don’t even see my app on there.

Edward Kim via AndroidGuys