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Android and iPhone fight for jaded Blackberry users

March 15, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Android and iPhone fight for jaded Blackberry users

The Crowd Scientists just finished up some telling research about smartphone use and loyalty. When current Blackberry owners were asked if they wanted to switch to the newest Android device (at the time), the Nexus One, a large 32% of them said “yes” as opposed to 40% of iPhone users. These number indicate that Android’s “mindshare” is rising along with their market share.

There are some other interesting statistics offered by The Crowd Scientists. They state that Android and iPhone user loyalty is equal; both with 90% of users saying that they will stick with the current “brand” they currently own. Also, only 9% of iPhone users said that they would willingly change over to the Nexus One from their beloved iPhones. There was nothing in the report on what percentage of Androids would change to iPhone.

The Crowd Scientists also pointed out that Android users tend to be younger and less affluent (punks!) than iPhone and Blackberry users (squares!). Androids also do not purchase as many apps as iPhone users, with Blackberry users hardly even using any applications, paid or otherwise. This is probably due to the Blackberry App World having a limited number of apps as well older BBs having memory limitations.

This data along with the latest data from comScore clearly suggests that Android market share is rising and that many non-Android or non-iPhone users are seriously considering Android as their next phone OS.

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