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AdMob survey says developers increasingly have plans to work on Android

March 23, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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AdMob survey says developers increasingly have plans to work on Android

One of the most common things I spot when browsing the web is an Android user begging developers to port their iPhone apps to Android. The early adopters who have a T-Mobile G1 and those wielding a Motorola Droid can expect to see that happen as more Android devices attract development. We’ve already seen Android’s app count triple in a few months, and more of your favorite app makers could be coming to Android based on a recent survey conducted by AdMob.

Mobile advertising firm AdMob is reporting that 70% of iPhone developers it surveyed have said they will develop for Android. Only 108 people were surveyed, which is an incredibly small number of people, so you can’t really put too much stock into these numbers. However, they do reflect the increased pace of Android development in recent months. Android users went several months without seeing support from popular tech brands, but those companies have delivered or pledged to support Android.

While AdMob found that iPhone developers are most satisfied with their app’s performance on that particular OS, the majority of them plan to expand into Android. While half of all respondents said they had an Android app currently in develop, 68% said they planned to develop an app in the next 6 months. One of those apps I wanted is already on the way. I’d like to see what the next batch of developers has planned.