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Where are all the Android girls? Android users are mostly male, young

February 25, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Where are all the Android girls? Android users are mostly male, young

The average Android user is overwhelmingly male and young based on recent metrics provided by advertising and analytics firm AdMob. The January stats from the company reveal that 73% of Android users are men, compared to 58% of webOs and 57% iPhone users being male. About 24% of users are 24 or younger.

AdMob’s latest report reveals somewhat surprising news. I’ve always known that Android’s user base was predominantly male like many tech products, but I didn’t know it was so pronounced in comparison to other platforms. What is it about Android that has yet to attract women – other than the guy-centric advertising campaign of the Droid? It’s easy to say aesthetics or girly phones are the answer, but I’ve seen plenty of women with G1′s and doubt it’s that simple.

Other interesting facts about Android users

  • 54% are under the age of 35; 8% are 55 and over
  • 84% would recommend to a friend; 5% would not
  • The Motorola Droid has twice as many ad requests as the Dream/G1, suggesting that Droid owners use their phone more often or there’s an increasing number of 2.0-only apps that include AdMob.
  • Only 21% of users purchase a paid app each month, compared to 24% of webOS and 50% of iPhone users.



[Full Report available at AdMob]