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TuneWiki gets major investment from Motorola, others

February 8, 2010 | by Marin Perez

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TuneWiki gets major investment from Motorola, others

If you use your Android phone as your primary music player then you probably already know about TuneWiki. The company announced it has received investments from Motorola and others to spread more music-playing goodness.

In the announcement, TuneWiki CEO Rani Cohen said, “we are passionate about connecting people through music, and having our applications running in many countries with different languages will allow our users to explore the world of music and better understand its meaning as part of a vibrant and engaged community.”

If you’ve never used TuneWiki, it’s a strong upgrade from the default Android music player because it adds social sharing features, as well as lyrics to most songs. The investment will enable the company to “enhance its product offerings,” and it said its upcoming releases will take advantage of increased processors, stronger CPUs, and high-resolution screens.