Select Windows Mobile HTC smartphones “hacked” to run Android 2.1

February 24, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Select Windows Mobile HTC smartphones “hacked” to run Android 2.1

Have an old HTC Tilt, Polaris, Niki, or Vogue laying around collecting dust because you can’t stand using Windows Mobile? Well, according to the XDA Developers forum you may be able to get a little more life out of your old device by hacking it to run the latest version of Android.

This forum post at XDA forums outlines how to install Android 2.1 (yes, 2.1 even before the DROID gets it) on the four mentioned HTC devices. Before this full ROM release, users could have run Android alongside WinMo with a tool called HaRET but this release completely erases the Windows Mobile install from the device and replaces it with Android 2.1. Pretty awesome. So awesome that I may have to get one of these older HTCs to tinker with.

XDA forum member slm4996 says that most everything works on the phone except for Bluetooth and the camera, which of course are some huge missing features. But knowing XDA and their pervasiveness, we will see these features added in the near future.

This story shows me once again how important Android is to the mobile OS space. The idea of taking older phones and using a free, powerful OS to breath new life into them is the promise of open source software like Android. If you have one of these HTCs and are brave enough to check out what this hack is all about visit the XDA forum at your own risk.

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