Schmidt says Google Android shipped on 60,000 phones per day

February 23, 2010 | by Chris Smith

Google Android

Schmidt says Google Android shipped on 60,000 phones per day

This story may have been overlooked in the wackiness of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week. According to MobileCrunch, Google’s CEO Eric Shcmidt said that Android devices were being shipped at a rate of 60,000 per day. This is a really high number and if it’s true and stays constant means that over 21 million Android devices will be shipped this year alone.

Sounds sort of unbelievable but MobileCrunch puts these stats into perspective. Last quarter there were 8.1 million iPhones sold and that’s just one phone. Android has an arsenal of devices right now so to think that 60,000 phones are shipped per day that have Android on board doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

There are other considerations to this statistic as well. Shcmidt uses the word “shipped” which could mean sitting in warehouses collecting dust. “Shipped” is often used in business to inflate numbers and doesn’t necessarily represent how many devices have been sold to end users. When Apple reports that it has sold 8.1 million iPhones this means that these devices are sitting in consumers’ hands and are being used. It would be more interesting to know how many Android devices are actually sold per day.

Regardless of the wording, it is obvious that Android is gaining more and more traction everyday and is becoming a true mobile OS contender. As long as Android keeps growing we will continue to see innovative applications, hotter hardware, and more vendors getting in the Android game.