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ScanLife mobile app brings more QR code scanning to Android

February 23, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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ScanLife mobile app brings more QR code scanning to Android

Today Scanbuy announced their newest ScanLife mobile application for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone operating systems. According to their press release Scanbuy is the “global leader in mobile barcode solutions” and is offering “one of the first applications that can read all barcode formats.”

By using ScanLife, users can scan a UPC, QR, Datamatrix, EAN, or ISBN with the device’s camera to automatically display “product information, show videos, dial a phone number”, and more. What’s different about this barcode reader, according to Jonathan Bulkeley, CEO of Scanbuy is that it will allow users to “to scan virtually any barcode they see to instantly get more information, creating an all-in-one barcode reader”. ScanLife is also being pre-installed on Sprint and Telephonica.

Scanbuy says that users can also create their own codes from the ScanLife application with links to their social networking profiles as well as different websites. After downloading and installing the application I don’t see a function where this is possible inside the mobile application but you can still create your own codes from the ScanLife website.

With a handful of barcode readers (Barcode Scanner, ShopSavvy, etc) in the Android Market as of now, Scanbuy is going to have to give the consumer some sort of added value to make the switch over to their application. One thing that I see that could create some added value is the ability to scan many types of barcodes as well as create your own GR codes from a single application. At the time of this posting ScanLife has a 3 star user rating with 614 ratings.