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Rumors: HTC Legend heading to Sprint with the Desire going to AT&T

February 24, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Rumors: HTC Legend heading to Sprint with the Desire going to AT&T

So far we have seen some solid information come in regards to the recently announced HTC Legend and HTC Desire, which means its about time for a nice rumor. According to the story, which comes courtesy of the Boy Genius Report the Legend is heading to Sprint and the Desire is going to be available with AT&T.

Of course, as with any rumor this information can, and is likely to change, however BGR did note that they were tipped off “by a source close to HTC” and while not confirmed it was “worthy enough” information for a post.

Anyway, with the rumor disclaimer aside the Sprint branded Legend will actually be sold and marketed as the Hero2 and will see a slight overall change in design. Unfortunately, there is not much to the Hero2 details, not even a rumored availability time frame.

As for the AT&T branded Desire, that one is expected to keep the Desire name and also may see some minor changes in design. As of now it looks like the Desire is expected to be available sometime around May or June. The Legend is also expected to be available by way of the Google Store, similar to the current Nexus One.

Sprint could use a nice follow up to the Hero, of course adding a Hero2 with a newer version of Android is likely to kill any sales of the current Hero. But maybe that is the plan. As for AT&T, the Desire looks nice and seems like it would make a nice addition to the keyboard-having Devour.

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