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Need a tablet? Android based iLet Mini HAL shipping March 1 for $199

February 26, 2010 | by Chris Smith

Android Devices

Need a tablet? Android based iLet Mini HAL shipping March 1 for $199

With all of the tablet-fever recently, you may have sat back and thought to yourself, “do I need one of these things?” Even with Apple trying to convince us that the next form of computing is going to be tablet and gesture based, many people including myself are still questioning if a tablet is something we really need.

It looks like the company Haleron thinks we need a tablet in our lives and decided to enter the game with their 7″ Android 1.6 based iLet Mini HAL. It isn’t the most powerful device; running a 600MHz VIA CPU with 128MB of RAM but for a low $199 price tag you can’t really ask for too much. The Haleron iLet Mini HAL will also have 2GB of onboard memory as well as 10GB of “cloud” storage for all of your stuff and will start shipping next week.

I think that this device is compelling especially considering the low price. Also, the size seems perfect to me. It’s about the size of a 7″ x 5″ sheet of tablet paper making it just the right size for entering text on the portrait keyboard. It also would be great for games and reading. I doubt that this device will be taken in by the masses (anyone ever hear of Haleron?) but it could prove to be quite the geek device.

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