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Motorola CLIQ drops to $9.99 on-contract with Wirefly

February 8, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Motorola CLIQ drops to $9.99 on-contract with Wirefly

The Motorola CLIQ has certainly taken more than its fair share of criticism from the Android fan community, but I have to believe that at least a few people like it. Of course, maybe for the low-discount-price of $9.99 a few people would learn to like it.

Anyway, if you are looking for an Android handset with a physical keyboard and are looking to purchase it for as little as possible you may want to check out one of the most recent Wirefly offers — the Motorola CLIQ for $9.99 (on contract). And on top of the discount pricing, you even get free FedEx shipping.

I guess whether you love, like or hate the Motorola CLIQ, you have to admit that $9.99 is better than the $199 that it launched for, and still better than the $119.99 that Wirefly was selling it for back in November.

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