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MIPS announces new partnerships, technology in prep for MWC 2010

February 10, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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MIPS announces new partnerships, technology in prep for MWC 2010

MIPS Technologies has announced several new projects and partnerships, including its involvement in advancing 3.5G voice/video calls, 4G, and a range of new mobile devices. MIPS, which has an Android-based architecture used in various products like entertainment centers and netbooks, will be at Mobile World Congress demoing this new technology.

The biggest news is that MIPS and Mavrix are collaborating on a MIPS-based processor for mobile devices. The new processor would appear in cell phones, portable media players (PMP’s), and mobile internet devices (MID’s). According to Mavrix CEO Dr. Zhenyu Zhou, we’ll all benefit because device manufacturers will be able to have “high performance and low power consumption” processors that are cost-efficient to use thanks to Android.

Before it gets to 4G, MIPS will bring users 3.5G telephony. At MWC, MIPS will display 3.5G voice calls with audio and video playback. Other possible uses for the technology include having faster data transfer in smartphones, ebook reader, GPS navigation devices, PMP’s, and MID’s. MIPS has also partnered with WiMAX and LTE software supplier SySDSoft Inc., to enable LTE on the MIPS architecture. This will be a critical step as the world moves towards 4G speeds.

Aiming to take a piece of ARM’s market share, these new moves are likely to make MIPS an even bigger player in the Android world. I visited the MIPS suite during CES 2010 and saw that they had a range of products that integrate Android, ranging from a small netbook to a large television that could integrate with other products (video available here). The Android-based architecture will likely lead to integration between several products, so I’ll be happy to see the results of these recently announced partnerships.