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Intuitive launches Android interface that predicts user actions

February 9, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Intuitive launches Android interface that predicts user actions

UPDATE: Intuitive’s announcement said that this app was available now but they have not released it to end users. It’s available only to OEM’s, meaning you cannot download it.

There’s a new app for the Android home screen that aims to make finding apps and contacts an automatic, easy-to-use process. Intuitiver User Interfaces has introduced One Touch User Experience for mobile phones, which uses an algorithm to predict the actions that users are likely to make.

One Touch is a 3D interface designed to push actions to prominent positions on the home screen. For instance if you have a schedule where you call your wife/husband every day during lunch, the phone will know to display a shortcut to him/her at noon everyday. If you launch Greed or NewsRob every morning to check RSS feeds, that app will appear every morning with your cup of coffee.

The concept of the phone covers three areas:

  • Personal – The phone understands which features and actions are important to different users, as each individual user utilizes the phone differently.
  • Relevant – Users perform different actions in different scenarios. By identifying these associations, a set of the most relevant actions for a specific situation is presented to the user.
  • Intuitive – The activation of these actions is easy, simple and instantaneous.