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Google Rumor Roundup for the week of 2/12 – 2/19

February 19, 2010 | by Ed Clark

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Google Rumor Roundup for the week of 2/12 – 2/19

Just a handful of news and rumors collected from around the web about our favorite non-evil company.

Google will not buy T-Mobile and give us all Nexus Ones, but they will make Star Trek fans happy

Source: CEO Eric Schmidt at the 2010 MWC

Too bad for us. CEO Eric Schmidt put an end (maybe) to rampant internet speculation that Google was going to buy T-Mobile or become its own telecom company. Some of the earlier speculation even had all T-Mobile customers getting Nexus Ones for free after the acquisition. Schmidt’s statement: “We are not going to be investing in broad-scale infrastructure. It’s a very tough business and it’s not one for which we are very well optimized.” Sigh. On the good side, Schmidt said the universal translator is on the horizon: “We are not quite there — but it’s coming.”

Google hit with class-action suit over Buzz

Source: ABC News, others

Ouch. One of the worst product launches in Google’s history was the introduction of Buzz, which left a lot of angry users steaming across the internet. Google faces a class-action suit, a complaint to the FTC from the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), and an investigation by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Google’s response has been to provide additional settings for users to disable Buzz features (or disable it entirely). Despite the big negative splash, many people are using Buzz, and adoption continues to grow.

Server Clipboard in Google Docs may spread to other Google apps


A new Server Clipboard item in Google Docs (apparently for only some accounts as of now) allows you to copy items and paste them in either HTML or plain text while avoiding typical browser copy/paste issues. The post predicts that the function may spread to Gmail, Calendar, and Reader, perhaps soon.