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Google preparing to offer Nexus One, Android phone support

February 3, 2010 | by Robert Nelson


Google preparing to offer Nexus One, Android phone support

It looks like Nexus One owners may be getting more support options, you know, more than the current online support forums. This little tidbit comes by way of a recent posting over on the Google Jobs site where they are looking for a “Phone Support Program Manager.”

According to the job description, the job is on-site and is includes both Android and the Nexus One.

Unfortunately it looks like this may be some time off though, because the ad noted that the person who gets this job will be “responsible for ramping up and managing operations.” That said, it does mention specifically the position will handle “telephone support for our direct-to-consumer Android/Nexus One customers.”

In the end it sounds like a little bit of good news/bad news here. Good in that the support will be coming and bad in that it may still take some time. Also, according to the CNET article, Google declined to comment in regards to a timeline.

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