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Dex One Corp. Introduces New Android App for Local Business Search

February 22, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Dex One Corp. Introduces New Android App for Local Business Search

Dex One Corporation is a marketing services company that helps “local businesses reach, win, and keep ready-to-buy customers” by connecting them. Dex One launched a new free Android app that allows Android users to easily find and locate local businesses that are within their database. Dex One has had a mobile web-app for the iPhone and other smartphones for around a year now. According to Deborah Eldred, director of mobile and personalization, the Android application is an add-on to their mobile strategy and will help consumers “access a vast amount of local search data”.

The Dex One app offers users the abilities to locate businesses near them, “quick links” for specific types of businesses, ratings and reviews, movie showtimes, driving directions, and other information in their local business database.

A brief look at Dex One’s site, you’ll find that their business model relies on local businesses signing up for some sort of marketing plan, be it print ads, online ads, website listings, etc. The data that they receive from local businesses is what is used in their application along with other data to show all business locations.

I can see how this application would be handy but it seems that the app of choice for this type of job is Yelp, in my opinion. Also with services like Google Buzz being introduced that are location aware and integrate with Google Maps, specific applications such as this one may be dieing a slow death. Regardless, the application has 4 stars in the Android Market and as of this writing has generally positive reviews.