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Better Keyboard updates to 5.0; here are 10 Good Better Keyboard Skins

February 23, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Better Keyboard updates to 5.0; here are 10 Good Better Keyboard Skins

Better Android has just released version 5.0 of its Better Keyboard application. The latest update includes a re-designed speech input button that can continue recording until the user presses the button again and decide to end the communication. The speech engine also recognizes punctuation, so it will place a comma in a sentence if the speaker says “Furthermore comma”

Though I’m partial to the HTC keyboard that appears on Sense devices, Better Keyboard is another application that I use because of its skinning ability. Search the Android Market for “Better Keyboard” and you’ll get a long list of those skin options. Here are 10 great skins to use with Better Keyboard.

Dark Gray

This skin is dark and has a gradient that mixes black and gray. The buttons are slightly rounded and dark, showing the white text easily.



I typically don’t like covering iPhone clones, but this one’s worth highlighting. The buttons are white over a iPhone-blue background. Good-looking simplicity is another reason iDon’t switch over.



This see-through skin doesn’t have much to write about, so I won’t. It’s see-through (and nice in most instances).


Ice / Gum / Oil Slick

These three skins were all designed by the AndroidandMe team, and they rank among my favorites. Ice is a light skin with bright blue symbols, Oil Slick is black with faded borders and yellow accents, and Gum is another pink-based skin with white letters.

bk_ice (Ice)

bk_gum (Gum)

bk_oilsick (Oil Slick)

Hello Kitty

Android is pegged as not being as woman-friendly, but this is one skin that will please users in search of a “girl-friendly” The background is pink and the buttons are black with a Hello Kitty icon.

Smoog / Smoog Red

The white bevel and black text is a nice twist, as are the light green buttons on the bottom corners that help distinguish the look. There is also a red variation of this beautiful design.



Lions Better Keyboard Skin

Though they’re not the greatest of teams, the Lions have a decent keyboard. Them and several other teams. Search the Android Market for Better Keyboard skin and you’ll see dozens, maybe 100, of skins related to your favorite sports teams. Franchises/clubs from several sports are available.