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Barnes & Noble pushing update to Nook ereaders starting now

February 5, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Barnes & Noble pushing update to Nook ereaders starting now

Nook owners should see an update to their ereader in the coming days (if not moments). According to Gizmodo and reports from a few users, Barnes & Noble is pushing a firmware update with several new enhancements fixes. Among the changes include a new way of loading pages that fades rather than turns on and off. This new method appears to load faster and “snappier” according to one Gizmodo reader.

A Barnes & Noble employee leaked the contents of the update this morning. A company-wide memo detailing the changes to Nook 1.2 firmware shows the full list of upgrades:

  • Enhanced in-store seamless connectivity to enjoy free Wi-Fi, with More In Store content promotions exclusively for Nook owners
  • Improved opening of eBooks and ePeriodicals
  • Improved response to Reading Now and Settings buttons
  • Current reading page and bookmarks on all eBooks are properly saved when you power your Nook off
  • Eligible LendMe eBooks in your library have LendMe flags
  • Easier navigation of daily subscriptions with issues rolled into one folder
  • Improved “back” button functionality for navigating eBooks and ePeriodicals
  • Personal files downloaded and displayed in My Documents can be sorted by author and title
  • Overall system improvements and battery optimization.