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AT&T makes fun of Droid in new ad

February 1, 2010 | by Marin Perez

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AT&T makes fun of Droid in new ad

Oh boy. The latest awful Luke Wilson AT&T commercial (embedded below) is taking more shots at Verizon’s network, but it also takes direct shots at the Motorola Droid.

The commercial takes place in a restaurant, and Richie Tenenbaum has replaced the patrons’ AT&T phones with Verizon ones. This causes them to riot, of course, because that’s funny or something. Specifically, a lady is utterly perplexed by the Droid and says, “What is this? Where is my cool phone?”

Look, even the most die-hard Android fan should admit that the iPhone is a solid device that provides an above average user experience for many people. The App Store limitations, lack of multitasking, and a variety of other things keep me away from it, but I hate this childish mentality of automatically dismissing whatever platform you don’t have. It’s dumb on the Internet, and it’s even worse on national television commercials.