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Android saved Motorola, but CEO Jha has his eyes on a new OS

February 19, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Android saved Motorola, but CEO Jha has his eyes on a new OS

Motorola was undeniably saved by Android and the boost they received by being the first company to bring Android 2.0 to market. But being a leader in one OS isn’t enough for Motorola; the company has eyes on creating its own mobile platform someday.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha said, “If I had more money for [research and development], I’d be developing an operating platform…I’m open to it…I think I need diversity in our portfolio.”

Jha’s desire to have more options is perfectly understandable. The reason Motorola was in such dire straits last year was because they went to the RAZR well one too many times and released stagnant products. Providing another platform besides MOTOBLUR and Android would be a smart move in ensuring their longevity and ability to offer more unique products.

The advent of Bada and Meego may give people OS fatigue, but having a proprietary OS that no other company could deliver would be smart. It will be tough to get developers to dedicate themselves to yet another OS that will probably have even smaller numbers than Android, but the MOTODEV program could probably expand and attract more developers to the new OS. Motorola might have to devote more resources towards making it a product worthy of competing with Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone, but it would be a wise move once they are in a healthier condition.

I love Android and wish every company dedicated themselves to doing something compelling with it, but Jha & Company must do what’s best for Motorola, not Android.