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Android Apps Alert 15: Shop, Surf, and soothe your baby

February 21, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android Apps Alert 15: Shop, Surf, and soothe your baby

The Android Market is starting to get a nice influx of new apps. Keeping up with those apps is becoming harder with each passing day. That’s why highlights the latest apps shooting up the Android Market and a few apps that you may have missed each week.

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Google Shopper

When Google Goggles meets Google Product search, they make sweet love and produce Google Shopper. The latest app from Mountain View can scan a CD, DVD, book, or barcode and search for stores carrying the product. Prices can be compared, products can be bookmarked for later use, and history can be stored to be revisited. Shopper should have been integrated into Goggles, but this ShopSavvy rival is worth testing.

Baby Bump ($2.99)

Baby Bump is an app for expecting mothers to track their pregnancy journey. Chances are you’ve already poured over at least a dozen baby books and listened to Aunt Ida offer plenty of unsolicited advice, but this app will help focus on your changing body and note your experience. Features include monitoring/charting weight gain, taking notes of moods/emotions, and a photo gallery that shows snapshots or stored images.

RockOn (3)

The music app seen in the myTouch Fender commercials is RockOn. The creator of that app has a new version called 3 which navigates your music library based on a 3D cube or album cover wall. IT allows users to swipe and scroll through a visualization of their music library rather than a list view. The app also includes three options for a homescreen widget and information on concerts coming to your area.


Dial2Do aims to be a personal assistant in a phone. The app ties into the paid Dial2Do service (Free 30-day trial available) that can read incoming texts and emails, or record your speech to send texts, emails, or reminders. It also taps into several web apps like Evernote and Remember the Milk. A full review and explanation is available here.


EasyTether is an application that makes it possible to tether connect to the web using only a cell phone. When the phone is connected via USB to a Win-32bit computer, EasyTether will then make it possible to surf the web using the coverage of your cellphone provider. Staff writer Ed Clark did a full review of the app, available here.

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