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Android Apps Alert 14: Better get yourself a Droid or Nexus One edition

February 7, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android Apps Alert 14: Better get yourself a Droid or Nexus One edition

There’s a large contingent of people who refuse to part with their beloved G1′s. Whether its because they’re holding out for a particular phone or don’t want to change carriers, these folks are content to stick with a first generation device. However, it may be time to rethink your upgrade plans.

An increasing number of apps require a device running Android 2.0 or higher. The G1 and other first gen devices simply can’t handle the space or processing power required for certain apps, leaving older phones out in the cold. In this installment of Android Apps Alert, we highlight 4 new apps that require a Droid or Nexus One. There’s also an app that was previously available only to 2.0 devices and two apps that play nice with everyone.

urbanspoonUrbanspoon (2.0+ only)

Here’s another casualty of the Popular on iPhone but not available on Android list. Urbanspoon is a restaurant recommendation app that helps finicky eaters decide where to dine. This isn’t your average turn on GPS and find a Chinese restaurant app, however. Urbanspoon randomizes restaurants based on location, cuisine style (Latin, Korean, Kosher, Bar, etc.), and price levels. Users make a selection for each category, press the shake button, and then gets a random selection. Ratings, reviews, and contact information help finalize the decision process.

Homerun Battle 3D (2.0+ – $4.99 Full, Free Lite)

Officially, Homerun Battle 3D works on pre-2.0 devices with some issues, but it’s probably useless if you don’t own a Nexus One or Droid. The app is 22 MB and taxes the phone, making your dusty old G1 a problem. However, if you do own one of the latest Android devices, this is an addictive game. Very addictive. The object of Homerun Battle is to time your hits and blast as many shots as you can over the bleachers. Players can compete against friends, including cross-platform against iPhone users, in a battle to see who can hit the most homers. The graphics are great, the premise is simple, and you can waste quite a bit of time with this game. There’s a Lite version and a paid version with upgrades.

Swype (Beta for HVGA devices)

Typing is for losers. Swype is an app that enters text on an Android phone based on user gestures. As a finger moves from letter to letter, the app is able to predict what word the author intended to enter. Text prediction is very good (better than ShapeWriter) and very responsive. Read our tutorial on how to install the beta app on HVGA devices here.

#swype really is the absolute business when it comes to entering text on #android #androidapps
Recommended by: @Smith922


The Android Twitter carousel welcomes Twicca, the latest app to have people proclaim it as the biggest threat to Twidroid. The standard features are present, as are the ability to manage favorites, lists, search, and a number of settings. I love the interface, which provides lots of space for the timeline and a distraction-free reading method. I highly recommend testing it out.

Seesmic, Twitdroid, Swift fans – haven’t y’all tried Twicca yet? A better app to me, love the UI and really fast #androidapps @twicca_en
Recommended by @Troyengel

iCommando (2.0+ only, €1.49)

Here’s another game only available to Droids/Nexii, and it could shoot to the top (sorry, couldn’t resist the obvious pun). Android has a decent first-person shooter in iCommando. Gamers take the role of sniper Maj. John McKenzie and perform target-and-fire kills over and over again. The simple set-up has the potential to be repetitive, but iCommando looks great and plays greater for a mobile game.

NOTE: iCommando is currently missing from the Market. I’ll update this post with a QR code when/if the app is back up.
*This video courtesy of AndroidAndMe


Anyone who owns a WordPress-based blog will enjoy this official app, built on wpTogo. WordPress for Android allows or self-hosted WordPress blog authors to create and administer content for their blogs directly from an Android device. Users can create or edit posts, approve/unapprove/spam/reply to comments, attach files, and manage multiple blogs.