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A few deals on Droids; get an Eris for free and a DROID for $49.99

February 24, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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A few deals on Droids; get an Eris for free and a DROID for $49.99

It seems to me that if you are looking for a deal on a wireless phone and are willing to sign a new agreement you should be looking away from the carriers and checking third parties such as Wirefly, Best Buy or Amazon.

In this particular post I want to point out some nice prices on the Droid Eris, but the Motorola DROID price at Wirefly also caught my attention while I was shopping.

Just to get started, Wirefly is currently offering the Motorola DROID for the low price of $49.99. Which is not only a low price, but its a low price without any mail-in-rebates. The discount is all instant.

Anyway, in terms of the Droid Eris you have a few options for low pricing. You can now check out Best Buy who have recently begun offering the Eris for free on contract.

“Droid Eris got a price drop at @BestBuy. On contract it’s now the low low price of…$0.”

And similar to the Motorola DROID, Wirefly is also offering a pretty nice deal on the Eris which just like Best Buy is free on contract.

In fact, I just recently moved my family from AT&T to Verizon Wireless and more importantly set them all up with Android phones. I choose the Eris because I like the Sense UI, but also because the price was right. I was able to get three Droid Eris phones from Wirefly for $39.98 with next day shipping. The price break down had the first two Eris phones for free with the third being $19.99.

Additionally, I also saved some more money because Wirefly offered me free activation on each line. And when setting up 3 phones that adds up to a big savings. Wirefly also offers free standard shipping by way of FedEx, just in case you wanted to keep that cost down as much as possible.

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