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57% of Android Market apps are free, Android Market growing faster

February 25, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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57% of Android Market apps are free, Android Market growing faster

According to Distimo, an “app store analytics” provider,  57%of applications from the Android Market are free. This is compared to iPhone’s only 25% and Blackberry’s 24% of free applications in their app stores. Does this mean that the Android Market will eventually push developers away because of the lack of money making opportunities? Not necessarily.

Distimo also found that the Android Market is growing by about 3,005 applications per month as the iPhone App Store is being flooded by a whopping 13,865 apps per month; the other app stores aren’t even really worth mentioning. Distimo notes that Android is relatively growing at a faster pace than any other app store offering.

This could be the information developers need to finally make the switch from the iPhone OS over to Android. When comapanies such as Gameloft, EA, etc. see this type of growth and adoption it may make them rethink the future of Android. Something else that would help developers make this decision would be unifying Android’s OS versions on devices across the board. I can imagine it being hard for a developer to choose which flavor of Android to develop for; the 80% or so that still run 1.6 or the rest of the “high-end” Android users that are on 2.x. With market share growth and OS unity, Android could possibly dethrone the iPhone.

Personally, I think that with the growth of the Android Market, developers will find the way to monetize their free apps by advertising or in-app purchases. I wouldn’t say that knowing the Android Market is mostly filled with free apps will drive away developers. Understanding that the Android Market is more open and growing at a faster rate will bring on developers; they will find the ways to monetize.

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