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5 Android Apps for the 2010 Winter Olympics experience

February 12, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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5 Android Apps for the 2010 Winter Olympics experience

My knowledge of the Winter Olympics is limited to the Miracle on Ice, scenes from Cool Runnings, and a limited number of major news stories from the 2006 games. As the 2010 Winter Olympic Games begin today in Vancouver, I’m going to make an effort to keep up with the latest news and events.

If you’re more versed in the Winter Games and want to keep track of what happens in Vancouver, or plan to see the games in-person, take advantage of these four apps.

Wayfinder Vancouver


I first heard of Wayfinder during the NYC Big Apps contest. Wayfinder NYC is an augmented reality app that locates the nearest subway station. The Vancouver edition of the app does the same, using GPS to find the nearest transportation services that will shuttle visitors during the games. Both a map and augmented view through the camera will show the nearest station for SkyTrain, SeaBus, Bus, and West Coast Express. The app will then provide walking directions from a user’s current GPS position.

Vancouver Olympic Medals Count


Everyone says its all about sportmanship and the “spirit of the games,” but we keep score for a reason. Find out which nations are performing the best with Medal Count, an app that tracks how many gold, silver, and bronze medals athletes from each nation snags. The app is very straightforward and easy to use. Medal Count also includes a favorite country setting that will make it easier to see Team Canada’s progress (or whatever nation you’re rooting for).

Winter Sports Live


The must-have app if you’re looking for Winter Olympics news. Winter Sports Live offers headlines and real-time news from Olympic events. The app delivers stories from competitions, scores, analysis, photos, and feature stories on athletes. If you’re away from a TV or what to get updates as soon as something happens, this is the app to own.

Vancouver Olympics (Android 2.0 only)


Droid and Nexus One users can enjoy Real Arcarde’s Vancouver Olympics, the official game of the games. Vancouver is an action game based on several events, including speed skating, downhill skiing, and snowboarding. The game includes several racing events to keep your thumb working and costs $5.99 USD.

Ed Note: Yes, I see the irony of a game for an event hosted in Canada being unavailable to people in Canada because of the lack of paid apps support. Sorry, guys.

Tourism Vancouver


If you’ll be lucky enough to touch down in Vancouver during the Olympic Games, this app will help you find points of interest. Tourism is a platform downloading city guides and includes information on where to eat (by dining style), what to do (culture, entertainment, sports, events, outdoors, attractions), where to stay, and Olympic-themed events. The app also includes information for 2010 live sites, facilities, currency exchange, and more.