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Truphone adds Wi-Fi calling and new communication tool for Android

January 8, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Truphone adds Wi-Fi calling and new communication tool for Android

TruPhone has released its calling application into the Android Market, providing a top-notch solution for Wi-Fi and VoIP calling options for users around the world. Launched globally, Truphone combines VoIP for free Truphone user-to-user calls, GoogleTalk, Skype, Twitter communication, and cheap international calls to landlines or mobile phones. Truphone can call through Wi-Fi, 3G, or its “worm hole” technology that finds a local-rate telephone number to patch calls through, providing a considerable discount for long-distance calling.

Truphone is one of the most popular apps available for the iPod Touch (it’s actually a finalist for the App Showdown here at CES), and I have a feeling it will become increasingly popular for Android as well. It has the ability to run in the background, one noticeable advantage over iPhone. If you dial an international number from the default dialer app, Truphone will recognize that an offer the option to make Wi-Fi call or a Truphone Call Anywhere feature.

Twitter, Skype, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, and GoogleTalk are also supported, making this a strong communication device. Truphone is slick, easy-to-use, looks great, and – most importantly – is fast. One major complaint I have with calling apps is that they produce a delay in calling-out, but Truphone places calls very quickly. I had a meeting with the company yesterday and in the demo that they showed, calls went through to other phones within seconds.

The new Truphone interface looks great, and its compatible with the HTC G1, HTC Magic, and HTC Hero. According to Director of Consumer Affairs Karl Good, Droid compatibility is not available yet because the phone operates differently.

“The main issue with developing for Android right now isn’t [OS version] but hardware,” Good said. “We found that the way audio works on the Droid device hasn’t been implemented the same on HTC devices. If you’re building applications that have very invasive API’s…there’s going to be issues [of compatibility and stability]. We’re working quite hard to make it work on Droid and other devices coming out, but it takes more effort on our part.”

Good also informed me that the company is working on new codecs that will improve the voice quality. You may have noticed in other VoIP apps that though audible, overall voice quality is not as strong as standard phone calls. Truphone is in the process of making call quality though apps even stronger.

Truphone is available in the Android Market for free download.