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Sony XPERIA X10, my new favorite phone, may appear on Rogers

January 8, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Sony XPERIA X10, my new favorite phone, may appear on Rogers

I want a Sony XPERIA X10. Several of’s readers have asked me if I wanted a Nexus One or an X10, but I couldn’t answer because I didn’t know enough information about the phone yet. Sony still declines to give a confirmed price or U.S. carrier (though I was told Rogers has displayed strong interest in getting the phone) but my decision has been made. As long as the X10 is reasonably priced ($600 or less before subsidy), it will be my next phone.

The Sony XPERIA X10 is the best looking Android phone ever. People have every right to opt for the more current Droid or Nexus One, but the X10 is as good or better in the looks department. That extends to physical design/feel and the software. Of course, the beauty of Rachael is nothing new. However, that beauty no longer comes with the deep scars of having a lackluster performance. The noticeable lag that once plagued the X10 is gone. I’ve tested 3 different units here at CES and have yet to see any slowdown. The performance has finally caught up with the rendered videos that leaked several months ago.

There are still some drawbacks, including that the XPERIA X10 will have Donut when it launches in Q1, meaning Android 2.0.1. will not appear on the phone until they decide to update (which could be months). To be honest, I really don’t care. The Nexus and Droid will have the advantage of being updated more frequently and smoothly, but I loved the look, feel, and experience of the X10 enough to say that I’ll wait until Sony Ericsson can get this into my hands. Knock on wood, but the expected launch date is Q1, according to SE exhibitors.