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Samsung promises new app store, convergence, and Digital TV Moment

January 8, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Samsung promises new app store, convergence, and Digital TV Moment

Samsung is testing a new version of the Samsung Moment that can digitally stream TV to the phone, and the company also took the time to announce plans to launch a new app store available for multiple devices.

At CES, Samsung announced that it would use a remodeled version of the Samsung Moment to debut the world’s first mobile phone with single-chip ATSC technology. This remixed Moment will digitally broadcast local stations, news, sports, and other channels to the Moment’s beautiful AMOLED screen. The phone will only be available for testing purposes in Washington, D.C. Current Moment owners will be unable to get this new feature because their phone lacks the new ATSC chip necessary to stream digital TV to the phone. I asked a Samsung Mobile rep if there would be some type of upgrade program available and she said it’s too early to discuss that considering that the new TV content technology is only in testing.

Samsung also confirmed that it too will be launching an app store. Samsung Apps will be a distribution point for Samsung-targeted apps for mobile phones and a new line of televisions slated for release later this year. The apps will be developed through an SDK that is “open” and able to work across multiple platforms. The company also stressed that it would support integrated services across devices, leaving open the possibility that you could eventually use your phone as a remote for your Samsung HDTV and stream content from the TV to your phone. The program or event would be paused on one device and resumed at the last point of play when switching to another. The Omnia II is the only phone confirmed to have this feature enabled, but how cool would it be to have this appear on an Android product?