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Rumored image: Is this the T-Mobile myTouch Slide?

January 29, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Rumored image: Is this the T-Mobile myTouch Slide?

Well, looky here, it looks like we have a nice image of the upcoming T-Mobile myTouch Slide. And despite the fact that this handset looks to be a prototype, the images are really clear. The overall look of the handset is not all that exciting however there are a few interesting tidbits.

Aside from the obvious addition of the slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the trackball has also been removed in favor of a optical and clickable trackpad. As far as the keyboard, its just about impossible to say based on an image alone, but there does appear to be a nice amount of spacing around and in between the keys. And I am enjoying seeing the centered space bar.

In addition to the images, it also looks like a pretty decent amount of specs were included. Here is the breakdown; a 320 x 480 resolution display, ARM11 processor, camera with LED flash, 3.5mm headphone jack, microSD card slot and a 1300mAh battery.

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