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Nexus One to be available at Walmart Wireless [UPDATED]

January 26, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Nexus One to be available at Walmart Wireless [UPDATED]

I read Twitter so you don’t have to. And this latest visit to the Twitter world gave me a slightly interesting and slightly funny little tidbit. But at the same time, its not really all that surprising to see.

“Nexus at WalMart??”

So with that, Walmart shoppers may want to listen up because the Nexus One is “coming soon.” Of course, this listing is for the Walmart Wireless online store and this does not necessarily mean that the Nexus One will be available in store. But I guess if for some reason you have not purchased a Nexus One and still want one and really like doing business with Walmart than you are in luck. Or at least will be soon.

[Walmart Wireless via Twitter @zapote21]

[UPDATE] After a little more digging around on the Walmart Nexus One listing (because I guess I actually do care) it seems as if this is either a nice leak or a nice typo.

The information listed in the specs point to possible support for AT&T. Well, it lists support for the “UMTS/HSDPA 850/1900″ bands which is what we need for AT&T 3G, however there is no telling if this is accurate or not.

Additionally, there has been some talk of the handset being priced at $99. But again, no telling if this is accurate or not.

Personally a $99 Nexus One on AT&T sounds pretty good, but it also sounds like wishful thinking. That said, I am not holding my breath on that.